Vignerons de père en fils
depuis 1925
1925 Château Les Millaux, a family estate was acquired by Alcide Bellot. At this period, the wine produced at the property was vinified at the cooperative cellar of Maransin, a small commune situated next to Saint Martin du Bois.
1956 Marc Bellot, the son, took over the estate and decided to withdraw from the cooperative cellar. He built a vat room and installed mainly cement vats. The wine was aged in oak casks.
1973 Daniel Bellot took over the estate. He purchased vines adjacent to the Millaux. The estate was composed of 38 hectares...
1983 ... he created the EARL Domaine des Millaux, a company where Jeannine Bellot became in charge of administration and accounts.
1995 They became tenants of the neighbour vineyard : Château Ploiseau. The vineyard now covers 50 ha.
We produce red Bordeaux Supérieur on the Château Les Millaux estate and red Bordeaux on the Château Ploiseau.
2014 Now it is Daniel Bellot’s son, Frédéric Bellot, who takes over the business and continues to offers you wines of high qualities.
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